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Green Ghana’s Day in the North East Region.

The Green Ghana Day was colourful in the North East Region as the Minister,Chief Director of the RCC with the OverLord of Mamprugu at the launch.
The pictorial images of the Launch of the Green Ghana Project in the North East Region, which also simultaneously was being carried out in other parts of the country and Nationally launched by the President of The Republic of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo.
The launch was a symbolic event to plant and nurture five million trees across the country to address the fast depleting forest cover of the country.
It is a demonstrable commitment of the President’s resolve to make the country one of the safest places to live on this globe.
In sight is the Overlord of the Mamprugu Traditional Area, Naa Bohagu Abdulai Sheriga II, planting a seedling to symbolize his unwavering support for the project.
Compiled by Mr. Alinga Abraham (RIO)
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