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Hon. Solomon Namliit Boar Is Now NORTHEAST Regional Minister

Hon. Solomon Namliit Boar Is Now NORTHEAST Regional Minister

The Member of Parliament for Bunkpurugu Constituency Hon Solomon Namliit Boar, who is the outgoing Deputy Regional Minister for Northern Region has been appointed as the Minister for the New North East Region, the His Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufu Addo, Lom Community Radio gathered.

Hon Solomon Namliit Boar’s appointment is not strange or surprising as many, both in the Constituency and outside the Constituency had predicted his coming into the new Region.

Majority of residents in Bunkpurugu and Yunyoo have said no one within the region could do this job better than him considering his performance as MP which won him an award as the best MP in Parliament for the year 2018.

Some stakeholders in Bunkpurugu told Lom FM that, the experience gathered by the MP, while he was Deputy at Northern Region, makes him the most appropriate Personality to begin the new Region.

A source close to the office of the President suggests that the President appointed him based on his hard work during the last elections which saw an increase in numbers for the NPP.

Bunkpurugu and Yunyoo Constituencies both are believed to be the strongholds of the NDC since 92 , but what is in evidence is that, since 2012 when the NDC lost to NPP, Hon Boar has worked hard to maintained his seat and boost up the numbers in each election year, it is for this reason our informant says, the President put him as NORTH EAST leader to work harder in the upcoming elections in 2020 .

Constituents of Hon. Solomon believes that his appointment is a gateway to development for Bunkpurugu area, especially, as many predict that, it won’t be long for the road from Nalerigu -Bunkpurug to witness a new look.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tahiru Tia Ahmed, a staff of Ghana Education Service and native of Gambaga, has been appointed as the Deputy Minister-designate for the North East Region.

They both remain minister-designate until vetted by the committee for approval.

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